• How long will my horse be on the truck?

    As law requires the driver to carry a work diary, it limits driving time to 12 hrs a day.

  • Is my horse insured while on the truck?

    We have insurance that covers your horse in the event of a motor vehicle accident.  The horse is not insured for illness or injuries unless the owner has the horse insured prior to travel.

  • What will my horse be fed?

    We prefer to feed top quality lucerne hay and clean water at every rest stop.  However, if you require a specific diet we are happy to accommodate.

  • Are the trucks air conditioned?

    Our trucks are not air conditioned. They are however well ventilated and in the event of excessive hot weather we will travel in the cooler time of the evening.

  • When will I know the arrival time?

    Unless you have instructed us of a specific time for delivery our driver will ring you 1 hr prior to delivery.

  • How do I pay?

    We accept all major credit and debit cards or cash, on or prior to delivery.

  • Can my horse be rugged during transport?

    We prefer to travel your horse with no rug. We are happy to rug your horse while off the truck if you would like.